“I met Erik who introduced me to his company Shamanic Tonic three years ago at the Miami Seed Vegan Food Festival.  I sampled his product line and immediately felt the difference.  The ingredients are all natural and high potency.  His 3 day detox program is also world class. I order 6-8 bottles every other week and can feel the benefits.” -Henry O

“My experience with Shamanic Tonic has been both insightful and absolutely delectable. I am a returning customer for several reasons: the friendly and supportive customer service, the care taken to choose each and every ingredient, and the growing community of people who care about personal and collective health involved with this juicing brand. I love this brand and what they embody, and excited to see where Shamanic Tonic goes in the future !” -Vi U

“I must say that ceremonial chocolate and its different varieties are some of the best tasting and most invigorating drinks I've had. Just right for giving me a brighter mood and extra energy! The Chlorophyll Cocktail both energizes and cleanses me before exercise, and I have felt particularly energetic ever since I began taking the Reishi mushroom and Schizandra powder!” -Karl V, PTA

“Since I’ve been taking the tonic drinks, my workouts have been stronger and longer. Keep up the good work Erik, we all need you around!” -Ray K 

“I was referred by a friend to try Shamanic Tonic’s 3 day Detox and Cleanse Kit. I felt so clean and light the week after finishing the cleanse, and it helped me achieve my health goals. Very pleased with the care and research involved in such a unique blend of ingredients I could not find anywhere else. Thank you!” -Steve L

“I was new to healthier options of ready to drink tonics and powders when I came across Shamanic Tonic. Since starting the program, I’ve noticed a wide range of benefits including improved mood, greater clarity in thought, and over all feeling good during the day. My sleep even feels more restive with the Adrenal Support & Anti-Stress Potion which I’ve given to my husband, and he notices the difference. Thank you for bringing the quality and heart into your brand!” -Susan V

“It was about 4 years ago I remember coming to Erik’s chocolate ceremonies. They are life changing as are all the lovely potions and powders I enjoy during the week. I am forever a fan of raw chocolate and even more now of all the benefits. You have so many potent blends, I really love the Apple Jack and Ginger Bomb’s ginger kick to wake me up to start my day! Truly a gift to experience these unique and potent blends!” -Kayla S

“Shamanic Tonic’s elixirs & snacks are absolutely incredible. It started with a Google search on shamanism, and the fourth result that popped up was Shamanic Tonic. After overlooking the menu, I placed my first order with free delivery! Mr. Lieux personally came to my house to drop off the goodness. Aphrodite’s Adaptogenic Fudge is nothing less than sheer chocolate ecstasy. The Ceremonial Cacao Blend is by far the most powerful cacao concoction I’ve ever ingested. It is basically the fifth dimension in a 12 oz bottle! I also tried Brain Booster, Apple Jack, & the Patchouli Chocolate tonics and they were all satisfying and effective.” -Mordechai K