Our story:

One of my happiest recurring childhood memories takes place in my parent’s kitchen. Every couple of days after dinner, my mom would agree to my request to help prepare what I called the "Secret Recipe." Giddily moving around on a chair to reach the blender on the kitchen counter, I would start to name some of my favorite ingredients my mom would help gather for the special dessert blend. At that time, I loved combining various ice creams, colored sprinkles, cinnamon, chocolate chips…whatever else I could think of. Fast forward to present day, and that same passion lives on. Here I am in my certified clean kitchen, combining some of the world’s most nutritionally dense superfoods and energizing superherbs into delicious tonic beverages that challenges the concept of what healthy taste like. Shamanic Tonic is the embodiment of inspiration that started years ago, with the presence of deep intention and deep wisdom in every artisan formula.    

A lot has evolved since those early days as a child, so has the ingredients and sophistication of preparation for our blends. We always start off with fresh clean spring water, and build our organic, non-gmo, vegan tonics up from there. Whether you want something for digestive support like our Apple Jack with cold pressed ginger, or want to experience a satiatingly creamy gourmet raw chocolate drink with herbs like reishi and maca, or want some on the go energy with our amazing french pressed coffee or ceremonial grade matcha tea blends, or detox with our super greens formula or go full on with our customizable 3 day detox program, we have you covered.   

Q: Where can I find Shamanic Tonic?

A: In addition to various farmers markets, fun events, and yoga studios, Shamanic Tonic also delivers. Simply use the site or text us to place an order, and we will deliver our elixirs to your home or office. Minimum order is 4 bottles ($5 delivery fee), with free delivery on 6+ bottles per order. If like many, you love Shamanic Tonic so much you want it more than once, sign up for our auto-renewal program and save on weekly and bi-weekly orders. Contact us for details. 

Q: What does "Shamanic" mean?

A: The  word shamanic (pronounced "shàh-mon-ičk") originates from ancient traditions wherein the shaman, or medicine man would enter into an altered dimension or state of consciousness to alleviate sickness, make peace within the tribe, discern the signs of the gods, and more. Shamanic techniques include ritual, music making, chanting, breath work, body postures, deep meditation, and use of plants which have visionary and ego dissolving properties. Shamanism has seen a steep incline in popularity amongst the Western world in the past decade.

Q: What's "Shamanic" about your tonic?

A: To sum it up: Plant synergies + good vibes. The indigenous medicine men from some of the world's first cultures would combine specific herbs that would work together to maximize their intended impact. We do exactly the same with a modern day edge, fusing some of the best super herbs and superfoods on the market. We also donate a portion of our profits to an organization that is raising awareness of shamanic culture, in addition to preserving the heritage of shamanic groups still isolated away from the modern world. 

Q: Where is Shamanic Tonic made?

A: Shamanic Tonic is produced in a Department of Agriculture certified clean kitchen here in Miami, FL. We make our batches fresh every week to ensure quality, consistency, and freshness are maintained. 

Q: What is MCT Oil? 

A: “MCTs” are medium-chain triglycerides, a form of saturated fatty acid that may have numerous benefits, ranging from improved cognition to better weight management. MCTs can be found in lesser amounts in coconut oil, but this oil 100% MCT.

Also known as “MCFAs” for medium-chain fatty acids, the public has been led to believe that all forms of saturated fats are potentially harmful. However, recently research has shown a lot of evidence pertaining to the benefits of this sort of fat. For this reason, many athletes, body builders and those with ketogenic diets utilize this compound routinely in their regimens.

Q: Where can I find out more about your cacao ceremonies? 

A: We send out a monthly newsletter telling you when and where our sacred chocolate ceremonies and ecstatic dance practices will be. Drop us your email on the contact page to stay up to date and enjoy a renewed relationship with this ancient, sacred and playful plant teacher.