Ingredient Benefits

With over 50 ingredients in our signature elixirs and shots (including our 3 day detox and cleanse kit), we found it helpful to our customers to put together this functional, alphabetized ingredient chart for your convenience:

1. Activated Charcoal: toxin removal, healthy skin, improves digestion

2. Alfalfa: digestive relief, hormone balancing, cholesterol support

3. Apple: fights heart disease, antioxidant, good vitamin C source

4. Ashwagandha: reduces stress hormones, elevates mood, anti-cancer

5. Barley Grass: toxin remover, supports weight loss, immune booster

6. Blue Chamomile Oil: calming, digestive support, nervous system tonifier

7. Brahmi: improves cognition, boosts mental clarity, anti-stress

8. Cardamom: improves digestion, anti-cancer, blood sugar regulator

9. Carrot: antioxidant rich, high in beta carotene, supports vision and skin

10. Cayenne: improves digestion, relieves migraines, supports weight loss

11. Ceylon Cinnamon: blood sugar regulator, antioxidant, heart health

12. Chaga Mushroom: rich in antioxidants, anti-cancer, immune support

13. Chlorophyll: anti-cancer, detoxifies the liver, heals the skin

14. Cistanche: libido booster, reduces fatigue, anti-inflammatory

15. Coconut Palm Sugar: low glycemic, phytonutrients, improves gut health

16. Coconut Water: high in electrolytes, detoxifying, lessens muscle tension

17. Damiana: libido stimulating, reduces stress, improves digestion

18. Dendrobium: anti-fatigue, hydrating effects, aids in stomach pain

19. Eleuthero (Siberian Ginseng): reduces stress hormones, anti-fatigue

20. French Pressed Coffee Beans: preserves coffee fats via heat / no paper filter

21. Fulvic Trace Minerals: improved gut health, detoxifying, increased energy

22. Ginger Root: anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, relieves cramps and headache

23. Goji Berry: high in anti-oxidants, promotes health skin, detoxifies the liver

24. Hibiscus Flower: weight loss, improves metabolism, calming

25. Himalayan Shilajit: energizing, hormone balancer, promotes brain health

26. Horny Goat Weed: boosts testosterone, muscle strength, hormone balancing

27. Kava Root Extract: reduces anxiety, promotes restful sleep, calming

28. L-Theanine: reduces anxiety, promotes brain function, antioxidant

29. Lucuma: anti-aging, high in vitamins and minerals, supports healthy skin

30. Maca Root: libido enhancing, energizing effects, anti-oxidant

31. Matcha: weight loss, anti-cancer, very high in anti-oxidant

32. MCT Oil: weight loss, greater energy stores, improved cognition

33. Monk Fruit: zero sugar calories, promotes weight loss, anti-inflammatory

34. Moringa: high in antioxidants and vitamins, anti-inflammatory, heart health

35. Noni Fruit: anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, cellular repair

36. Passion Flower: reduces anxiety, improves sleep, lowers blood pressure

37. Peppermint Oil: soothes stomach, relieves headache, improves breathing

38. Pine Pollen: contains 200+ micronutrients, hormone balancing, aphrodisiac

39. Pink Sea Salt: balances PH of body, balance electrolytes, cramp reduction

40. Piperine: improves nutrient absorption, improves metabolism, memory

41. Raw Apple Cider Vinegar: weight loss, blood sugar regulator, anti-cancer

42. Raw Cacao: high antioxidant value, increases energy levels, improves mood

43. Reishi Mushroom: anti-cancer, detoxifies the blood, cleanses the lungs

44. Rhodiola Rosea: weight loss, lowers stress hormones, lessens fatigue

45. Schizandra Berry: tonifies all the organs, cleanses blood and liver, anti-stress

46. Spirulina: detoxifies heavy metals, anti-cancer, increases energy levels

47. Spring Water: hydrates the body, improved digestion, balances body PH

48. Stevia: zero sugar calories, supports weight loss, lowers blood pressure

49. Tribulus Terrestris: increases energy, improves libido, boosts testosterone

50. Turmeric: anti-inflammatory, healthy skin, reduces arthritis

51. Wheatgrass: high in vitamins and enzymes, healthy skin, builds the blood


*THESE STATEMENTS HAVE NOT BEEN APPROVED BY THE FDA. Shamanic Tonic is not intended to diagnose, cure, or treat any existing or pre-existing medical conditions. Women who are nursing or pregnant should first consult their physician prior to ingesting any herbal products or natural supplements.