"Brain Boost" Matcha Tea Potion

"Brain Boost" Matcha Tea Potion


Our specialty “Brain Boost” Matcha Tea Potion has several ingredients working together to give your brain and central nervous system the extra clarity and focus it needs! Our Brain Boost potion includes:


·            Matcha Green Tea: Japanese origin tea used by monks for centuries to improve wakefulness and focus during meditation

·            Maca Root: reduces fatigue, improves memory function and mood

·            Turmeric: used therapeutically to lift inflammation induced brain fog

·            Ginger: increases blood flow to the brain and free radical protector

·            Moringa Leaf: neuro-enhancing concentrations of vitamin E and C

·            Brahmi Leaf: Indian remedy increasing mental clarity and cognition

·            Shilajit Resin: mineral resin which combats chronic fatigue and can reverse neuro degeneration

·            Pink Salt: contain needed minerals required for proper brain function

·          Stevia: alternative natural sweetener not affecting blood sugar or corresponding energy levels


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